Who are we?

… and where do we come from?  We don't really know, maybe we'll never do. But we know we love to PLAY and we love to CREATE videogames.

Ridiculous Glitch




Designer - Programmer - Level Designer - Audio Engineer - Tester - Quodlibet




Artist - Animator - Level Designer - Tester

Tetra Invaders


Try to destroy as many tetromino lines as you can and be the master in the hall of fame!

Developed in November 2015 for MiniLD #63 contest, Tetra Invaders is our first real game production. Following the suggested theme of "FUSION", we decided to mix classic Tetris and Space Invaders mechanics to create a new Puzzle/Action arcade game. The main goal is to create and destroy as many tetromino lines as possible in 5 minutes; moreover the player has to avoid the tank shots wich can destroy, with few hits, his space ship. Furthermore we added a local co-op mode in witch you can play with or against your friends. In fact the tank can destroy space ship in order to help or to obstacle tetrominos alignment. #MiniLD




For the FSM sake, why there's a flying chest out there?! It's a chest! And it flies around!

Push the flying chest and catch all the coins online with your friends. More coins you catch more higer you get. Push the chest give you one default point a click, while grab falling coins give you ten points. No registration required, you can pick a username and a password as you like. #LDJAM



Sweetie and the Carnage


It's a bu***hit!

Be the red hot princess and fight against monster to defend your castle. It is our first NES game (also first for a retro console). We didn't finished it but we learned a lot. Published for the bitbitJAM3. Didnt' finish it yet, but you can try the preprepreprepreprepre-alpha version and give us any suggestion to make it better. #bitbitJAM3

Won't you leave the princess fight alone...won't you?


Flesh emBoss


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